Friday, April 13, 2012

A-Z Challenge Letter L

This is Charles Leighton, Duke of Olmstead. Penny's father in THE LADY'S MASQUERADE.

He's a bit of a pompous aristocrat, and wants his daughter to marry no less than a duke, or his heir, but has his reasons. He's nephew to Lady Olivia's late husband Fitzhugh.


  1. It was important for contacts to be maintained and moving in the right social circles made that easier. There was also the question of money . . . so I'm sure Charles Leighton had good reasons for his plans.

  2. This picture does make him look rather a prig.

  3. A pompous person is full of himself.

    Whatever his reasons, it will be to his advantage, with no regard for the couple's feelings. Arrogant, too?

  4. I like Charles, in that, what he wants for his daughter is according to the times. However, what Penny wants for herself is what everyone wants, regardless of the era, plain old love and happiness with the right person.

    Charles has to change and grow in this book, and it's fun to see that happen.


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