Monday, April 16, 2012

The A-Z Challenge Letter N

I don't have an N so here's Winsbarren.

John "Jack" Tremont, Viscount Winsbarren, heir to the seat of 8th Earl Brumbley.

He's the bumbling aristocrat who can't seem to find a wife, and that's all he wants out of life. In A WIFE FOR WINSBARREN, Lady Penny devises a scheme, a modern day eharmonymatch dotcom, if you will and places an ad in the local Ladies Gazette in search of the perfect woman.


  1. I'll forgive you. He's deliciously handsome... I'm thanking you for skipping N. I needed this hunk to lighten my spirits!

    With love - Jen from Unedited

  2. I'm glad he brightened your day. I know when I first found him, I used him as a screen saver.

  3. This character has that look that women like - a mix of the rogue and the innocent. Can't explain it, but perhaps he needs to 'earn' the woman he wants.

    He would draw my interest. Good selection, Anne. If you're not on the Big A-Z, it doesn't matter about skipping around.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog!

  4. Bish -- LOL. You betcha!

    D.G. -- I personally love the rougue part.

    Alex -- Me too.

  5. I wondered if you had a character for every letter!

  6. oh man. I really, really like him. He may be my favorite (but i have to go check on the ones i've missed)

  7. Liza -- Oh yes, and a few extra.

    Sarah -- He's definitely in my top five. He might even be #2 after Ellis. I still love Ellis.


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