Sunday, April 22, 2012

The A-Z Challenge Letter S

S is for Servants.

This is Edwards, butler to Robert and Fiona at Carlton House in THE DUKE'S DIVORCE.

This is Manning, butler to the Marquess of Haverlane at St. Stephen's Square, in THE LADY'S FATE.

This is Mrs. Jeffers, housekeeper at Fairhaven, in THE LADY'S FATE.

This is Gibbs, butler for the Earl and Countess of Briden in THE EARL'S ENIGMA.

This is Aggie, housekeeper and cook for Winsbarren in A WIFE FOR WINSBARREN.


  1. Patrick Stewart! With the bowtie and mustache, he does look like a butler.

  2. I thought that first butler looked familiar. He's one of my fave actors (and my preferred captain of the Starship Enterprise). A couple of those guys sure look like the old 'stuffed shirt' type.

    I'm enjoying the intro to your characters!

    PS - Lady Olivier seems like someone I'd like too. A strong woman.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, Anne.

  3. The servants are just as interesting and intriguing as their employers. It seems to modern eyes that it would be impossible to live such separate lives but people accepted their 'station in life.' I like the idea of giving 'faces' to your characters - it really helps to flesh them out:-)


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