Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The A-Z Challenge Letter U

I have nothing for the Letter U, so I will show you some of my lesser characters.

This is Violet's younger sister, Camillia. We meet her in THE LADY'S FATE. I'm hoping someday she'll have a story of her own.

This is Countess Rose Flowers, Violet's mother. She also appears in THE LADY'S FATE. We don't like her very much.

This is the Reverend Andrew Perry, who also appears in THE LADY'S FATE. He helps Haverlane overcome his reticence to loving Violet.


  1. Minor characters can become major in certain circumstances.
    However do you keep track of them all? Files and folders, maybe. Your dreams must be peopled with your creations.

  2. I think I need to go back and reread! I really love that these stories are all connected.

  3. And all from an excellent book! Think you should do a story for Camilliia.

  4. Janice -- Some of my minor characters have become major ones. It depends who they are. And you're right. Files, folders, a billion scraps of paper on my desk, but truthfully, it's these pictures that help me the most. Once I see the picture, I can write from their perspective. I know who they are in the blink of an eye. A picture tells the story doesn't it.

    Liza -- It's getting harder to do that's for sure. I have to keep all my dates together, and make sure this one isn't here for that one, because this one's pregnant, and that one is in Spain. I need a wall in my office just for a timeline and a family tree, because you know Lady Olivia is practically related to every one.

    Alex -- You know the best part about Camelia...I already have her story outline written up. However, I have to wait until she matures just a little bit. She's only 14. So while I wait for her to grow up, I can get everything else done.


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