Monday, October 31, 2011

My Series

Good Morning.  As a writer, we've all wondered when we finish the first book if we have "enough" to turn it into a series.  As soon as I found Penny and William (from THE LADY'S MASQUERADE) I wanted to do one.  I had a broad scheme and fleshed out the story lines from the other three books I was going to write.  (Back then it was only three.)

However, I found doing research one day, my storylines were not going to work.  The months I had planned to use in my storyline for the THE CAPTAIN'S LADY and THE LADY'S FATE were all wrong.  Parliament was not in session, and that played a key role in how my men were going to be in London.  So I had to scrap the idea and come up with another plan.

There was also the problem of the Prince Regent.  His ascendency to the throne did not take place until February 1811.  Also, his sister, Princess Amelia passed away in November of 1810, which also played a part because the country went into national mourning. 

Hmm...what was a writer to do?  So I decided that I would do what I like to call, a "wrap-around" or "over-lap" series.  All my books overlap each other, and wrap around.  The characters, the plots, and storylines mesh and blend, so all the stories intertwine.

To break it all down in simpler terms.

THE LADY'S MASQUERADE  March 1810 -- September 1811
THE LADY'S FATE                    May 1810 -- June 1811
THE CAPTAIN'S LADY            September 1810 -- February 1811
THE DUKE'S DIVORCE            March 1811 -- July 1811 
THE EARL'S ENIGMA               June 1811 -- October 1811

This overlap solved several problems at once; allowed me to combine characters and storylines from one book into another, kept me from having to do uncessary research (and therefore allowed me to write more), and kept all the characters fresh in my mind.  They're all friends and friends lives do tend to overlap.

Tell me, have you ever read a series such as this -- when all the books continue during the same time frame.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Internet Indie Book Fair Blogfest

Good morning. I'm so glad you could make it to the Internet Book Fair Blogfest. Thank you to M.A. Leslie for hosting. This is such a spectacular idea, and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

On my side bar you will see the covers for the two books I have on sale now at Amazon in Kindle.

Here is a little information on THE LADY'S FATE. (Available for $2.99)

Lady Violet Flowers has only one Season to find a husband. Raised in the Queen’s household, Violet is elevated in rank, yet overlooked by society for having no dowry. Violet is petrified she’ll bring disgrace to her mother’s name in not making a good match, if any.

The widowed Marquess of Haverlane needs to find the perfect nanny for his beloved daughter, Jane. Fortunate for Haverlane, when the very plump, but very pretty Lady Violet rescues Jane from almost drowning, the solution to his problem stands before him. Ensconced at his country estate, Haverlane and Violet’s only means of communication is through correspondence, which leads to an amiable affection.

Unwilling to think of Violet as more than a nanny, a surprising Christmas kiss compels Haverlane to look at her in a whole new light, and she at him. However, Parliamentary demands made upon his time keep them both a safe distance from temptation.

As the Season begins, an old flame emerges from Haverlane’s past and attempts to rekindle that fire. Violet is bereft and knows things cannot remain as they are. She accepts an offer for her hand, even though Haverlane is the only one she wants. By the time Haverlane realizes Violet is the woman he has been waiting for, not only for himself, but for his daughter as well, it may be too late. Haverlane must now do what Violet has dreaded most – bring scandal to her mother’s house to try to win her back.

Here's a review from Amazon --

I felt like I was reading one of the classics. Gallagher has done her research and The Lady's fate reads just as if it were written back in Austen's day. But she gives us a new set of characters to examine, and even though they're playing by the same set of Regency rules, the plot takes fresh, unpredictable turns.

The relationship between Violet and Haverlane takes time to develop, but their electricity is immediate, even before things get physical. Patience is rewarded with some of the steamiest kisses I've ever read---you know, the kind where you go back to read them again...and again, just to make sure you didn't miss anything. I think the attraction's even more intriguing because up until the very end, it's unclear if/how it can progress.

The characters are all well-defined and interesting, even those who are infuriating. My favorite is Lady Olivia in all her obstinate, noble, cane-thumping glory. I finished this book knowing I'd like to spend more time with them, so I look forward to more from this author---particularly in the "Reluctant Grooms" series.

Second Review for The Lady's Fate from Amazon --

From the Jane Austen-esque prose to the twisting and turning plot, The Lady's Fate is a charming and engaging romance. Gallagher knows how to take a trope and give it a unique slant, building tension and longing that make Haverlane and Violet's story hard to put down. Through the ups and downs of their blossoming relationship, Gallagher keeps us guessing until the end. A delightful read for Regency Romance lovers!

And the blurb for A WIFE FOR WINSBARREN (which is a short story available for $.99) is on my sidebar, along with descriptions of my forthcoming books. If you'd like a sneak peek at my first pages, they are under my header.

For a little more from THE DUKE'S DIVORCE, scroll down to yesterday as I have just posted an excerpt from Chapter Five.

Thank you all so much for stopping by today. Have a great time at the Book Fair.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Excerpt -- The Duke's Divorce

From Chapter Five

Fiona’s outing with Lady Penny had been an eye-opening experience. Having made her own clothes for years, being fitted for a silk gown was an extraordinary pleasure, one she would never get over. The silk shimmered over her skin and she felt like a princess looking in the mirror. Madame Rochelle clucked and fussed with the pins. Taking in the deep burgundy had been a challenge, for Fiona’s waist was so small, yet her legs were long and slender. A nip here, a tuck there, the gown was perfect, although according to the modiste, it did not hang as well as it ought.
Penny giggled when she saw Fiona emerge from the dressing room wearing a deep blue sapphire afternoon gown. “Robert will hardly recognize you.”

Fiona hardly recognized herself.

After Madame Rochelle’s, they descended upon a milliner where Fiona purchased two hats, a cobbler who sold her a lovely pair of deep blue dancing slippers and took measurements for half boots and two more pair of slippers, and another dressmaker shop where she bought a ready made cape in deep blue velvet.

Fiona was famished by the time she arrived back at St. Martin Street. She felt foolish standing at the front door, but didn’t know whether to knock or walk in. Edwards opened the door before she could raise her hand.

“Yes,” he said. Clearly, he did not recognize her.

“Mr. Edwards, we met this morning,” Fiona said. “I am the Duke of Cantin’s new wife.”

Edwards blanched as he stepped back into the foyer, opening the door wide. “Forgive me, my lady. I did not realize it was you.”

Fiona smiled at him. “Truthfully, Mr. Edwards, when I first saw myself at the modiste, I did not recognize myself either.”

Edwards bowed and helped her off with her new cape, and waited for her gloves.

“Tell me, has luncheon been served?” she asked the butler. “I must confess I did not realize shopping would leave me completely famished.”

“Lady Cantin is in the dining room now if you would like to join her.”

She looked down the long corridor having no idea where the dining room was.

Edwards said, “If you would like to follow me, my lady.”

She smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Edwards. That is very kind of you.”

When she entered the dining room, she found Robert’s mother dining alone at a long formally set table. Not knowing where to sit, she stood, unsure of her place.

Lady Joanna looked her up and down. Fiona could tell the woman had no idea who she was.

“Forgive me, Lady Cantin. I have no wish to disturb you. Mr. Edwards said you were finishing your luncheon and having just arrived from my outing with Lady Penny, I thought to join you if I may.

“Fiona, dearest,” Lady Joanna said with a tone that could not hide her surprise, “is it really you? That gown has simply changed your entire countenance. I’m so glad you are back,” his mother said. “You must be famished, yes? Come, come sit down, and lunch with me. Tell me all about your trip to the modiste. I’m glad we have this time alone, I long to get to know you better.”

Fiona wasn’t sure who was more nervous, the duchess or herself. She crossed to the front of the room and took a seat to the left of her new mother-in-law. A footman brought her a bowl of soup. Fiona stared at all the utensils on either side of the place setting. In Scotland, her father and she ate at the wooden plank table in the kitchen with one fork, knife, and spoon. Here, there were a dozen spread out in front of her, not to mention the various glasses and small plates surrounding the entire sphere of where she sat.

She looked at Lady Joanna, who placed her finger on the third spoon to her right.

“Now, tell me dearest,” the duchess said. "Did you find everything at Madam Rochelle’s? That gown certainly becomes you. Did Penny help you choose the color? She has such amazing taste. I hope you did not choose all your outfits from her, because my modiste would love to create something for you.”

Fiona ate her soup while her mother-in-law talked. And talked, and talked. Fiona was grateful the older woman did not wait for her to answer any of the questions she posed. She was also glad she didn’t ask any questions about her and Robert. She had no idea how she would answer.


They finished with luncheon, and Robert’s mother introduced her to the servants. She was appointed a lady’s maid from one of the upstairs maids for the time being. The girl, Merry, was thrilled with the prospect.
Lady Cantin took her for a tour around the mansion, and then showed her to her rooms.

“I know what an exhausting day you have had, my dear. You should rest, perhaps sleep. I’m sure Robert will not be back until dinner, which is at seven o’clock. We will not be so formal this evening, so whichever frock you choose to wear will be fine. Merry will be there to help you, she is a good girl, and will answer any questions you may have.” Her mother-in-law kissed her cheek. “I shall see you at dinner then.”

Merry waited for her in her room.

“Her ladyship said you wished to rest.  I shall help you off with your gown, " the young girl said.  "Shall I brush out your hair as well?”

“Brush out my hair?” Fiona could not believe what she was asking.

“Yes, of course, my lady. You do not wish to sleep with it coiled, do you? Before you dress for dinner, I can do it up for you in whichever manner you wish. I have been told I’m very good with hair.” The girl seemed to know more about living in high society than she did.

“Yes, of course. That would be lovely.”

Fiona let Merry take over. She said nothing as the girl took off her gown, and then brushed her hair. Climbing into the huge bed with the pretty, yellow coverlet, Fiona hadn’t realized how exhausted she was. It overcame her quickly and before Merry had finished hanging up her gown, Fiona was asleep.


“Lady Fiona? Lady Fiona? Would you like to get up now?”

Fiona heard someone calling to her. She opened her eyes. It took three seconds before she realized where she was. Surprised, she sat up in bed.  

“I took the liberty of bringing you a cup of hot chocolate."  Merry placed a tray on the table beside her bed. "It always helps me when I need to wake. I hope you do not mind.”

Fiona took the cup. She smelled its delicious aroma and took a tentative sip. It was heavenly.
“What did you say this was?”

Merry looked at her, surprised. “Hot chocolate, my lady. Have you never had it before?”

“No, I cannot say I have.”

“Well, if you’d like, I can bring you a cup every morning when you wake, if that is agreeable to you.”

“Yes, by all means. That is very agreeable, thank you.”

“Have you decided what gown you’d like to wear to dinner this evening?” Merry asked, heading for the dressing room.

“The dark purple I think,” Fiona said. She wanted to look nice for Cantin on her first night in his house.
‘Twas the least she could do considering he had allowed her to buy the gowns in the first place.

Merry helped her with the gown, and then did her hair in a lovely up-style with ringlets cascading down her back. She stood in front of the cheval glass gaping open-mouthed at the sight before her eyes.

“Is that really me?” she asked the maid.

“Yes, my lady. And may I say you look very beautiful this evening.”

Fiona smiled at her new companion. “Thank you so much for all your help, Merry. I think you and I will rub along nicely together.”

Fiona glanced at the little ormolu clock on her dressing table. She had plenty of time before dinner, but no desire to wait in her room. Perhaps Lady Cantin would be somewhere downstairs.

Fiona descended the staircase at the front of the house and found Edwards in the hall.

“Mr. Edwards, could you tell me if Lady Cantin is downstairs yet?”

“She is with his Grace in the green parlour, Lady Fiona. If you would follow me.”

Fiona tempered her nerves and followed the butler to the doors of the green parlour. She swallowed tightly as he opened the door for her. “Lady Fiona,” he said, and bowed out of her way.

Fiona walked into the room and found Lady Cantin smiling at her. Cantin stood near the mantle, a strange expression on his face.

“Fiona, how beautiful you look this evening," Lady Joanna said. "And your hair is lovely. I knew Merry would be a perfect match with you.” She turned to her son. “Robert, does not Fiona look enchanting this evening?”

Fiona waited for him to say something. He did not. Perhaps he did not like the new gown, or her hair this way. Well, she was sorry to disappoint him, but not knowing any better, she had no idea how she was supposed to look.

“Robert, I say, does not Fiona look enchanting this evening?” his mother asked again.

Robert stared at her as if seeing her for the very first time. “Yes, very lovely, Mother,” he choked out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank You All

I can't thank you all enough for stopping by during the last few days and sharing your good wishes.  As most of you know, this enterprise was fraught with scads of computer mishaps, late nights, and headaches.  But now, as this site is up and running,  I feel all the stress was worth it. 

I haven't really gotten a feel for my posting schedule yet, I'm thinking once a week, perhaps on Monday, perhaps bi-monthly.  I'm not entirely sure.

However, I should say, this blog/website will be more for my readers, than my writer friends.  Mainly I will be posting excerpts from my novels as I'm working on them, book reviews of genre romance, and research tidbits that I find along the way.

I do hope, if you know anyone who is interested in Regency romance, that you'll tell them about this blog.  Word of mouth is important to any writer.

Thanks again, so much, for making my new author website/blog the success it was!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to My Brand New Blog

Welcome, welcome, come in, look around. I know there's so much to see. I hope you enjoy it. Have a glass of champagne, there's tea and lemonade as well, if you prefer, have a little gnosh, take your time, browse.

 I want to thank you all so much for coming.  This really means the world to me. It's such a great feeling to share this will all of you, my friends, who've come to mean so much to me over the last few years.

We're here today, not only to celebrate the opening of my brand new author blog, but to celebrate the fact that I am now an author.  Yes, finally, after going the ropes in New York and finding no success, I decided to take my writing life into my own hands and self-publish my titles to Kindle.  As most of you know, it was a really tough decision, but one I knew was the right one to make.  I love my books almost as much as I love The Monster, and want to share them with the world.

This enterprise was fraught with great difficulty, as I am not even remotely computer literate, so I would like to publicly thank my mentor in all things formatting -- J. Bridget Chicoine.  Without her help, I would still be a sniveling, groveling mess.  Also, the several ladies who read my manuscripts and gave me the critiques I needed -- Lois Moss, Francine Howarth, Liza Salerno, Bridget Chicoine, and Bev Nickelson.  Thanks ladies, I owe you two!

For those of you who don't know much about my writing, these are Regency romances.  And I stress the romance.  None of my work contains sex scenes, although I've been told my way around a lip-lock is really hot. I wanted these to be something you could recommend to your Aunt Helen, your mother-in-law, and not worry if your tween-age daughter picked it up.  However, as they are for adults, I do use some adult themes.  People are people, whether from 1810 or 2010, and I like to write what drives us emotionally when we're on the path to finding love.

And now, without further ado, I give you --

A short story I just had to write.  It's available for $.99 on Amazon. 

And my long awaited release

Now available on Amazon for $2.99. 

If you'll scroll down the blog, you'll be able to find pictures of my characters, actors who I think would be fabulous to portray them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Sometimes, I think a picture is worth more than a thousand words. 

On my sidebar, you'll also note, I have two more titles coming soon, hopefully before Christmas.  And on the top under my header, you'll be able to read the sneak peeks into the books.

So take a gander, look around, enjoy, read, drool over "The Reluctant Grooms" and the women who love them.  I believe I have represented both genders equally.  (Truth to tell, I used to be in love with Haverlane.  Now I think Winsbarren has more than captured my heart.)

Please let me know what you think of my new site.  Feel free to share in the comments.  I'll be around all day.  And thanks again, so much for coming.

And if you'd like to leave your email address in the comments, I will send you a version of A WIFE FOR WINSBARREN for your very own.  I've been told I can send my Kindle for PC version to you to download.  My way of saying thanks for stopping by.