Sunday, August 19, 2012

A New Story to Wait For

Funny what happens when you spend five hours painting the hallway and dining room. I found a new story. Not that there's a whole lot I can do with it at the moment. I'm still working on the old house and haven't had time to think, let alone write something down.


The seeds are there.

A couple of months ago, I found pictures for a few characters for a new story (as I was building my A -Z Challenge posts for this blog) THE SEDUCTION OF MR. SUMMERVILLE. I have two beautiful sisters and only one man to marry. I do know which woman will get Mr. Summerville. However, I didn't know what would happen to the other sister.

Guess what, I do now.

It seems in LADY CADORET'S LONGING I have an extra duke hanging around with nothing to do. Who needs love badly. Who wants to marry and raise children. Only problem is, he's a first class jerk. Not the stumbling bumbling Winsbarren kind of jerk. Or the "I'll do whatever I want" kind of jerk like Robert in THE DUKE'S DIVORCE. No, the Duke of Straford is a first class jerk with nary a hint of decorum or nicety about him. Someone who is not a sympathetic character at all.

And I can't wait to write about him. Unfortunately, if I look at my timetable, I won't be able to get to him until 2014.

That's the problem with this writer. I can't write everything I want to when you want to. Unfortunately, writing takes time and is something in short supply at my house these days.

However, the Monster Child goes back to school this Wednesday (1/2 days) and then back in full time the last week in August. I have 6 solid hours every day of that last week to get everything completed and finished at the old house. Come September 4th, I am dedicating those 6 hours every day to get the last of the formatting issues completed on THE ROMANTIC REGENCY COLLECTION and then it will be published both in e-book and paperback.

Then I will go all out crazy to finish up THE LADY'S MASQUERADE because I am just so sick of that book being the albatross. Yes, it was the one that started it all, but it needs a lot of work to get it right. I need to tie up all kinds of loose ends in that before I can even think about starting THE SEDUCTION OF MR. SUMMERVILLE.  (Talk about a lead-in).  But before that book can even be started, I still have to finish THE CAPTAIN'S LADY, and THE EARL'S ENIGMA. (Which, according to my calculations, will be next year.)

(And then, let's not forget about the writing I do under my other pen name Robynne Rand. I'm working on a collection of short stories and two more novels on that side.)

You know, this is real life. In every project I ever start, I need to do 19 things first, BEFORE I can even begin to do what I want to do. You should see how long it takes when I try to clean the kitchen...

Tell me -- How frustrating is it for you as a reader to wait for the next book from an author? Do you ever wonder just exactly what they do with their time instead of writing?