Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The A-Z Challenge Letter O

O is for Lady Olivia.

Lady Olivia is the lady in Society whom everyone is afraid of. Behind her smile, she wields her late husband's power with the absolute authority of one who's right and she's not afraid to let it be known. She's been called a harridan, a harpy, old coot, old stoat, and a meddler of the first water.

But if she likes you, her generosity knows no bounds.

She's been in every book I've ever written because I absolutely adore her.


  1. She sounds a dream of a character to write and just the sort of person you'd love to have on your side and hate to have opposing you:-)

  2. I love the continuity of your stories and that the same characters step in and out of each.

  3. Janice -- I LOVE Lady Olivia. She says what everyone else is thinking. She gets the best lines!

    Liza -- It's been a challenge to write like this, but I wouldn't trade it. With each book, it's like seeing old friends again.

  4. I love Lady Olivia! I hope she likes me just a little as I wouldn't want to find myself the object of her anger.

  5. You must like a cantankerous character!


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