Sunday, April 8, 2012

A-Z Challenge Letter G

G is for Greenleigh.  Randolph Remington Culpepper, Earl of Greenleigh.

Greenleigh has appeared in several of my books, and we are presently at work penning his own story.

The only thing I can tell you is he is a spy. But that's a secret.


  1. I hope he's a spy for the 'right' side. He's absolutely gorgeous ;-)

    1. Oh yes, definitely the right side. And yes, quite the thing isn't he?

  2. I like Sean Bean as an actor, since we watched the Sharpe series when it was on. He did a good job in the LOTR as well.

    Hubby has read all the books about Sharpe, but no one else could play it as well. I can see why you want to cast him in your character's role.

    Visiting via the A - Z challenge, Anne.

  3. A regency spy - dangerous work but I imagine that would make him even more attractive to damsels.
    (My daughter has worked with Sean Bean in advertising - he's lovely but short!)

  4. Just had to stop by to see him after reading about him at your other blog. Ooh la la, I like what I see.

  5. DG -- I absolutely agree. No one else could have played him.

    Janice -- Ee gads, he's short! Never would have figured.

    Nicki -- Yeah, he is cute.


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