Friday, April 27, 2012

The A-Z Challenge Letter X

For the letter X, I will show you my lesser characters. People who have small parts in my books.

This is Winsbarren's father, the 8th Earl of Brumbley. He appears in A WIFE FOR WINSBARREN.

This is Bartholomew Wood, Amanda Pomeroy's despicable husband in THE CAPTAIN'S LADY.

This is the Earl and Countess of Briden.
Rosamund Smith's parents in

This is Lady Georgiana Baxter, villainess extraordinaire in THE LADY'S FATE.

This is His Royal Highness, Prince George. Prinny to his friends.


  1. Lady Georgiana Baxter looks exactly like a villainess, but Bartholomew Wood doesn't look too despicable. But sometimes those who don't look despicable are the worst of all.

  2. I like Bartholomew, and I'm sure I've seen him in something else.

    Thanks for the intros. I'd call them X-tra characters.

    I always like picturing my characters in my mind when I'm profiling them. Once I saw a character in a Tim Hortons coffee shop that looked just like the character in a short story I had written. I had to explain why I couldn't stop looking at him, covertly, of course. A character come to life. I usually don't stop and go in to these places. Coincidence?

    Makes one go Hm-m-m.

  3. I'm with Carol. Georgianne Baxter looks just about how I thought she would...and the expression on her face in the picture is perfect!

  4. Loved catching up on your posts, and how you matched your characters.

  5. Carol -- As you know looks can be deceiving. He is, I should say, not a 'bad' man, he just does bad things. Very bad things.

    D.G. -- That's funny you should say that about a man in a coffee shop. I actually ran into one of my 'chacters' today getting gas. I swore he was Davingdale.

    Liza -- I know, huh. As soon as I saw her I knew she had to be Georgiana.

    Glynis -- Thanks for stopping by. It's fun to match my characters. Gives me something to do when I get stuck writing.


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