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Dunbury Park #MarchMadnessSale

Dunbury Park
$2.99 thru March 31

Lady Faith Curtiss, daughter of the late Duke of Trowbridge, understands the responsibility of a title. However, it doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. Impoverished since her mother’s death, she and her sisters have come to live with their other cousins, all of them orphans and dependent upon their uncle, Henry Wade, the Marquess of Dunbury, whose only aim is to marry them off as quickly as possible.

When Faith meets the new curate of the parish, her heart is seized. Peter Williams is all that is good and kind in a man. He is also brilliant, handsome, and has made it known he is waiting until her eighteenth birthday to ask for her hand.

However, her uncle is looking in another direction for Faith—the Earl-next-door—who is amenable to the idea of marrying into the Marquisate. Faith rejects the idea of taking her rightful place in Society, just for propriety’s sake, but the Earl is nearly perfect.

While Faith vacillates on the Earl’s proposal, it seems the new housekeeper at the parsonage also has her eye on the new curate. With Faith's title the only thing standing in the way of true love, Faith is torn between marrying for the money, or fighting for her heart’s desire. 

Dunbury Park is the second book in the Ladies of Dunbury Series. Faith is the second eldest to be married first. (Mercy is waiting for James Stone, Henry's aide de camp, to return from the Peninsula. However long it takes.) However, there's a long road ahead for Faith before she can get married.

Lady Faith Curtiss
I liked Faith. She was a
"good" character. No hidden agenda. She pretty much spilled it right from the get-go. Since the day she met Peter Williams, curate of the parish, she wanted to marry him. Unfortunately, since the first day she had met the Earl of Helmsway, he has wanted to marry her. Although rebuffed, Helmsway convinces Henry Wade to give him another chance. Perhaps he could change her mind.

Rev. Peter Williams
Brian Thorpe,
Earl of Helmsway
Peter has waited nearly a year to speak with Lady Gantry about Faith. Unfortunately for Peter, Henry Wade, Faith's formidable uncle has come home from the wars. When Peter finally speaks with her uncle about Faith, Henry will give his blessing to whichever man Faith decides to choose at the end of the summer.

Faith has to take a good long hard look at both men, where she fits into their future, and what kind of future she envisions for herself--to be part of Society, or be part of the other side of Society.

Rebecca Taylor
Rules are broken, hearts are broken. But then Faith thwarts a kidnapping and evil is discovered in the Park's woods. When Rebecca Taylor, (housekeeper for the parsonage and the Bishop's choice for Peter's wife), is mistaken for a Dunbury Lady and found brutally beaten and left for dead, Faith finally realizes what love truly means.

The Parsonage at St. Michael's
I realize this is another triangle trope, but I like them. And this isn't so much a triangle as it is an inner struggle to discover what one TRULY wants--WHO one truly wants to spend the rest of their lives with. It's a big "idea" for the daughter of a duke. Can she really choose? What makes one man more worthy than another? Is it really all about the money and social standing? It's a tough question to answer.

Dunbury Park
I've also carried Henry's political intrigue and problematic illness through this book as well. It seems Henry is much like Lady Olivia in this series--always meddling where he shouldn't. He does have six nieces to marry off.

And there you have it. Faith's story as one of the Ladies of Dunbury.

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$2.99 thru March 31

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