Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

When I was a kid, I would watch Merv Griffin every day after school with my grandmother. On one particular show he had Danielle Steele as his guest. (This was back in the late 70's.) She came onstage in a flowing diaphonous jump-suit type of garment, with her hair all done up in a fashionable style. At one point in the interview, they went for a virtual tour of her house. (You know how they do that.) Well, she had maids, and kids, and a pool, and tennis courts, and cars, and all kinds of things that rich people have. BUT, she was a writer.

So in my mind, because I wanted to be a writer too, I would have all these things. I'll pause now so you can get your hysterical laughter under control.

I am a writer. Today is Mother's Day. This is what I'll be doing today.

Finish cutting the grass at the old house.
Weed-whack the old house.
Iron uniforms for school next week.
Wash the walls where I peeled wallpaper for Monster's new bedroom.
Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to paint at least one wall.

Danielle Steele I'm not. But I wouldn't trade what I've got for all the diaphonous jump suits in the world.

Happy Mother's Day.

PS ~ It is the end of Mother's Day. This is what I actually ended up doing today.

I (and my helpers) raked the various piles of leaves at the old house and moved them to the berm.
Monster and I pulled up ivy at the new house and brought it to the old house to also put on the berm.
I moved some logs to the berm to shore it up.
Went to Lowe's to get a 6 ft. post and a bag of cement. (I'm building another fence for the dogs.)
While in Lowe's, I received a phone call from my mother who told me my eldest brother had arrived for a week for her Mother's Day present. 
After lunch I dug out 21 clumps of grass to transplant to the old house. Then I dug up some irises and moved them to the front. Then I transplanted the purple thing that isn't a butterfly bush to the front. And the mum, and the other half of the irises. Then I sat down and I haven't moved since. 

Hope you had a great day. For my reward I had a pretty decent corned beef on rye. For my mother's day present, my dad took my daughter to Lowe's yesterday to get me a hanging basket. Instead they decided on fence posts. Lucky my brother arrived. He can help me build the fence.

Anne Gallagher (c) 2013

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