Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Few New Ideas

Writing a blog for readers and writers is a daunting task, especially one for historical romance. What does one talk about anyway? I hadn't really figured it out, until now. It's called decompartmentalization. lol. Big word for something that just means "organized".

Among other things, I'm going to start posting twice a week. Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday will be for readers, Wednesday will be for writers. Beginning this Wednesday, I'm going to start writing about historical research and what it means to me. I'll share my notes and links and whatever else I used to help me write my stories.

The following Sunday I'll begin my new series -- What I'd like to call "Intimate Portraits". I get asked all the time why I chose to write my characters the way I did, and I thought I would share those with you. I'm hoping it will give my readers a deeper insight into my characters and their world.

I hope you'll stop by.

In other news, I've started developing the pre-quel to the last book in the Reluctant Grooms series. It's still under construction -- that is, the structure of it -- I'm not sure if I'm going to write it as a story itself, or a few short stories, or as a first person narrative. The last book in the series THE SEDUCTION OF MR. SUMMERVILLE is a novel. A book unto itself. (Coming in 2014)

However, this pre-quel needs to be written, for a lot of things are happening BEFORE Mr. Summerville arrives in England. I can't actually write a story about it (well, maybe I can, but it will be a lot of research), but I wanted to tie all the other books together before this final novel, because if I don't, readers will be wondering -- "Well, what about that? What about this? What happened to them?" If I write a pre-quel, THE SEDUCTION will make more sense.

In this pre-quel, we find out a little bit more of Lady Olivia's secret. She's holding on to information that is really going to upset the balance of her world if it ever gets out. And in THE SEDUCTION it does. I feel badly for Lady Olivia. She's going to be put through the ringer. Sorry, I can't help it. She's been messing with other people's lives for the better part of hers, so she needs comeuppance. I think it's better than killing her off. (Which I had wanted to do, but my readers were outraged.)

So that's my news for this week.


  1. Sounds like you have great plans, and interesting ones, at that. I'll always stop by on the writing days, and research is one of the things I like about writing.

  2. D.G. -- You know what they say about great plans.... I'm trying to keep my head above water and find things to talk about rather than just being about my books.

    We'll see how the research goes.


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