Friday, April 12, 2013

Historical Book Fair

The first book in The Reluctant Grooms Series...

Someone is trying to kill Lady Penelope Leighton’s father, and now the fiend has turned his sights on her. Frightened, she flees London masquerading as a traveling companion for her elderly aunt.

When William Smith, the Earl of Westerly, arrives in London to a hero’s welcome he does not want, he takes the stewardship at his cousin’s manor in Wakefield-by-the-Sea to escape. He is more than surprised when he meets the mysterious Miss Penny Higgins residing there with a persnickety duchess.

Miss Higgins’ unfathomable beauty and stunning intellect are in direct contrast to her dowdy clothes and recurring stutter. William discerns the ladies are in trouble, it’s obvious they are in hiding, and William means to find out why, but no one is talking.

Before either of them realizes it, they’ve lost their hearts – Penny to a man who she thinks is a steward, and William to a woman destined for a duke.

After Penny’s true identity and reason for hiding are revealed to William, he immediately engages his friends in a campaign to help catch the blackguard who threatens her. However, upon their return to London, a confounding chain of events leads them right into the villain’s trap. Can William save her before it’s too late?

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  1. Thanks so much, Helen. A friend of mine made it for me.

  2. Thank you for taking part, Anne.

    Oooh these dastardly Regency baddies do get about causing nothing but trouble, heartache and fear. But, ha ha, there's always a dashing hero just waiting to show us that all will be well, eventually... Penny keeps turning up. I love the same characters popping in and out of novels.

    After the book fests are done I'm stepping back from social networking on a daily basis and switching to a weekly schedule. ;) Hence more reading and writing and the added luxury of leisure time.


  3. I love historical romance that includes intrigue as well.

  4. A beautiful looking blog, and an exciting sounding plot. Nice to visit and see what other writers are doing.

  5. Anne, thanks for the summary of this book, Regency is not a period I have read much of previously


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