Sunday, February 3, 2013


Well, gentle readers, I'm sorry to say, this writer needs a break. Last year's publishing frenzy has taken a toll, and I find I need some time off to refill the coffers of my imagination. I have a few personal obligations to fulfill, and as I keep saying THE LADY'S MASQUERADE will be published in the spring, I guess I need to work on that at some point as well.

I'm going to be on hiatus for the months of February and March. I hope you'll stop by when I return.


  1. I most certainly will come back when I see your name appear in the Google reader.

    Good luck with the writing. Would love to walk into that photo.

  2. I wish you a happy couple of months.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my last blog post. It meant a great deal.

  3. You've earned it! Get some rest!!!


  4. I can totally understand the need. Have a great break!

  5. Anne - enjoy your break. I'm also finding the last few years of personal(the drama continues)and writing (haven't written a word for weeks)frenzy has left me burnt out too. I'm drastically cutting back on my social media for 6 months or so, just to catch my breath!

    Have a great Blogging Vacation and hope you get lots of "you-time" to do all the things you need to recharge your batteries. :)


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