Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Earl's Engagement is For Sale

Well, after much time spent with the revision notes from my lovely and wise critique partners, THE EARL'S ENGAGEMENT is finished and out there among the masses. Yay!

You can find it for Amazon here.

I've also uploaded directly to Barnes & Noble for the Nook here.

Sony, Apple, Diesal, and Kobo links are on the sidebar.

This book was an absolute pleasure to write. It gave me fits and starts for awhile but once it settled down and I decided which direction to take with it, it became like an old friend.

I was worried during the writing of it because I didn't cry. And that made me nervous. I know the book will be a success if I cry at some point. Hence, my tearing it apart from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Once I implemented all the changes and rereading it, I bawled like a baby. So yay for me.

Anyway, for all who read it, I hope you enjoy it.
And for those of you looking for the paperback version, look for that in late spring.

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