Sunday, October 15, 2017

Characters for Judging Prudence

I'm one of those writers who needs pictures of the characters I have in my head. And because I'm having a lot of trouble with Pinterest these days, (maybe I should have my 12 year old daughter post them for me) I thought I would show them to you here first. Besides, I finally was able to view the boards I have, and if you don't know where to look, you won't know who half of them are. The perils of modern technology.

Anyway... These are the characters for JUDGING PRUDENCE.
Alexander Lowell, Viscount Abernathy

Prudence Shaffer

Alexander's brother, George


Alexander's grandfather,
Earl of  Westmoreland

Lady Lowell, Alexander's mother


Alexander's sister, Christina,
Lady Eaves
Lady Lowell's sister, Lady Carter

Alexander's Grandmother, Lady Westmoreland

Patience, Prudence's sister

Lady Prudence Shaffer is the most disliked of all the Dunbury Ladies. She holds no regard for the feelings of others; her caustic tongue and acerbic wit leaves her friendless save for her sister. No one understands the cause for Prudence’s bad manners. She was raised to be a lady, after all.

Alexander Lowell, Viscount Abernathy, dares to brave her criticisms, sees through the veneer she has painted herself with, and finds her attractive enough to court. He realizes he must tame her wicked language if he wishes his mother to consent to a marriage between them.

However, one iniquitous remark at a ball about Lady Lowell has left Prudence dealing with its after effects. She is shunned within Society and her remaining unmarried cousins along with her. A simple apology will not suffice—Lady Lowell refuses to hear it, or allow her son to marry her.

Prudence must change her disapproving ways if she wants her heart’s desire.

It is not as easy as she thinks when no one believes she can.

Coming Soon.

(Before Christmas. Hopefully, by Thanksgiving, but don't count on it. Let's just say sometime around the holidays.)

Anne Gallagher (c) 2017

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