Sunday, March 13, 2016

In the Loop

Wondering if I could use that particular jargon in my Regency romance novel, I looked it up online. Seems there are several theories of where the phrase originated. One has to do with WWII aviators. One to 1960's computers. Along that same vein, another theory to NASA and the space flights. Another has two electromagnets buried along a line of current in 1890. The word loop is originally used in cloth making.

In the loop means to be kept abreast of the current situation.

1) I found three lines I wanted to use in my second Regency title. I know that probably doesn't mean much to you all, but I can build a whole story around those lines. Which is exactly how I began my first ever Regency romance THE LADY'S MASQUERADE.

2) I am releasing my contemporary romantic women's fiction under Anne Gallagher. They should be out to all retailers by the end of March.

I really like both of these books. I wrote A REASON TO STAY nine years ago. It was an experiment in the five-act structure. MR. CHARMING started off as magazine articles about three years ago. It took me this long to figure out a plot to go with it. There are several recurring themes in both books. I have two more planned in that series.

3) The man who lives with my daughter and me had an unfortunate accident last Wednesday. My full-time occupation is now nurse, not writer. His injuries are so grievous, I fear it will be sometime before I get back to any kind of writing.

Therefore, this blog will be on hiatus.  I do not think I will be back until autumn.

Anne Gallagher (c) 2016

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