Sunday, January 31, 2016

When All Hope Is Lost Paperback is Published

Shame on me. I uploaded all the other books to paperback last summer and never got around to finishing the job. Well, I did it this week, and after reviewing and approving the proof, I can proudly say, The Reluctant Grooms series is complete.

Lady Olivia is a woman bereft—she’s lost the man she loved, her home of nearly forty years, and her title. Never one to back down from a fight, this time she walks away. There’s nothing left for her in London. She plans to live out the rest of her solitary life at a quaint little estate near Brighton.

Until the unthinkable happens and the man of her dreams walks through her front door.


I loved writing that book. I loved getting into the mind of John David Quiggins. I loved researching and writing about how he rescued the Princesses from Spain. I made it very difficult, but Quiggins is a tough guy. And when he gets back, he has a little espionage of his own.

I received a review from a woman who said she liked reading about middle-aged people in love. I liked writing about Olivia's heartbreak. She accepted two proposals on the same night. And even though she loved both of them, she ended up alone. She got what she deserved.  For awhile. I couldn't let her go on without a happy ending.

So, the paperback is out at Amazon US and Amazon UK and my page on CreateSpace. Just click on the links. (No affiliate earnings.)

I'm working with a box supplier to have a true "boxed set." The complete Reluctant Grooms series in paperback in a box. It would make a lovely gift to your favorite Regency romance reader. I'll let you know when I have the information.


I've been doing some photo hunting to find pictures of the new characters. Once I have them all together, I'll start creating storyboards on Pinterest. Hoping by next weekend.


I cannot tell you when the new book will be out. I've been working on it for nearly two years. But believe it or not, it's not that easy to write. There's a lot of backstory that needs to be figured out, Henry's, the girls, Catherine, even the servants. And then I have to somehow interweave some characters from the Reluctant Grooms into the mix as well. I could just as easily write stand-alone novels, but I like the challenge. Sorry it's taking me so long to get to it.

Thanks for reading.

Anne Gallagher (c) 2016

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