Sunday, December 13, 2015

Writing Romantic Women's Fiction

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've been on this blog. I have a good excuse. I've been writing. Unfortunately, not Regency romance. I'm afraid I've had to put the new series on the back burner.

However, I do have some exciting news. I've just finished a new book, romantic women's fiction I've written under my pen name, Robynne Rand. Without further ado...

After losing her job, apartment, and latest friend-with-benefits, prize-winning newspaper journalist Cathryn Parker returns home to Rhode Island and her domineering mother Rita, six Chihuahuas, and the old bedroom she slept in as a kid. Blacklisted for writing an expose on a philandering Senator, Cathryn takes the only job offered her at Providence Woman Monthly, if only to escape her mother's constant disapproval.

When asked to write a piece on the lack of love in the lives of women over a certain age, Cathryn is appalled, as she's part of that demography. To make things worse, the only way to ensure the magazine stays afloat and Cathryn keeps her job is if the article is a hit.

A chance meeting with her brother's best friend, Steve, finds Cathryn battling an emotional roller-coaster. Living under the Disney delusion that someday her prince would come—Steve is the perfect man, everything she's ever wanted—but he carries the physical scars of a bomb blast from Afghanistan and the emotional scars from a fiancĂ©e who left him because of it. 

 However, when she discovers the secret that her perfect Prince Charming has been hiding, Cathryn makes a life-changing decision, especially as she has her own secret to keep.


Also, in my other contemporary romance REMEMBERING YOU you'll find characters in WOMEN OF A CERTAIN DEMOGRAPHIC. 


When Genna goes home to Rhode Island to spend a long-awaited vacation, she finds that her family is falling apart and she has only twenty-one days to put them back together. 

Her new promotion as Executive Chef at the posh Littlefield Country Club in Delaware is a dream job. It’s more than the pay and benefits; she has the chance to achieve what she’s always wanted – her own kitchen – and Genna can’t wait to get started when she returns after the Fourth of July holiday. 

However, her vacation is far from relaxing. Two men are vying for her attention – an ex-fiancĂ© who wants to fix the mistakes of the past, and an old school chum who finds her irresistible, and inspires mutual feelings in Genna. Her aunt’s forgetfulness is also causing concern. However, the family is in denial; her cousins are unable to cope with their mother’s changing behavior and her beloved uncle, dealing with all the stress, has a heart attack. 

Genna steps in to keep his diner open and the family together while he recuperates, and she questions what’s more important – breaking the glass ceiling or remaining with her family. The clock runs out and Genna finds she is needed at her new job, needed by her family, and by lovers old and new. Now Genna must search her soul to find out what she needs.

Both are available on Amazon. WOMEN OF A CERTAIN DEMOGRAPHIC is available for a limited time at .99 cents. Get your copy now.

Anne Gallagher (c) 2015


  1. I'm so impressed that you can write in different genres. Hooray for you!

  2. ANNE - not only are you a prolific writer, you can write cross-genre as well! Good luck with your new writing adventures! And here's hoping 2016 brings you many good things (including a best seller or two! ) :)


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