Sunday, September 7, 2014


Good Morning. Now that LADY OLIVIA'S UNDOING is finally released as well as THE LADY'S SECRET for pre-order, I've done a lot of thinking as to how to market these books. As you know, I'm not a great fan of marketing or promotion, and have pretty much done neither over the last few years.

Truthfully, I've never liked asking people for help. If I want something done, I do it myself, whether that's formatting an e-book, laying a new floor in my living room, or building a fence in the backyard. I'm just a natural DIYer.

The problem is, I can't do EVERYTHING, and sometimes I just have to bite the bullet and ask.

A long time ago, (when I first started publishing three years ago), the blogging gurus said you needed to have at least 10 reviews ready to go before you published. Well, three years ago, I didn't know 10 people who would want to read my books. Regency romance is a niche market -- you either like it or you don't. With vampires and steampunk, shades of color, and the zombie apocalypse currently the craze, traditional regencies (Jane Austen anyone?) don't always make it to the top of the charts, unless you're a name brand.

I have a name, and yes, I've branded it, but I'm just a small fish in a very big pond.

So here's the skinny... If you've bought ANY of my books, would you please leave a review. (Bought is the operative word. Book retailers frown on reviews that weren't "paid for".)

And I know how hard it is to write a decent review. However, I have to tell you, the best review I've ever received was on THE CAPTAIN'S COINCIDENCE. From Amazon, it had 5 stars and only two words -- "Well written." Believe me when I tell you, that was music to my ears. (I do work hard on everything I write and sometimes the best praise comes in the form of "good job".)

I don't expect you to write a dozen paragraphs, or expand on my themes (if you can find them), but I would like your honest opinion. And by no means do you have to write a review on ALL of the books (depending on how many you've read), but if you have read them all, one or two would be swell. Just pick the ones you like the best. (And if you didn't like them, then I guess this request is moot.)

A HUSBAND FOR MISS TRENT is free on Smashwords if you're new to this blog/writer and want a little taste of what I write. It's downloadable for all formats.

And you don't have to leave the review all over the place. Just where you bought it from would be sufficient. And Goodreads would be nice if you're on that site.

Thank you in advance.

Anne Gallagher (c) 2014

PS If you click on the tab under my header marked Reviews, you can find a few samples of other reviews. There's also a surprise.

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