Sunday, February 23, 2014

Release Date, Pre-Orders, and Cover Copy for The Captain's Coincidence

Well, here we are. Isn't she beautiful? I happened to do a mock up cover last week, and boy howdy what a difference a professional cover makes. The original painting is actually a self-portrait -- Sarah Miriam Peale. I'm still in awe over that. I can't even draw a straight line never mind my own face.

Anyway, I'm thinking my release date will be the Ides of March. March 15. It's a significant date in the story, so I thought it was appropriate.

As I also mentioned once before, I'm going to offer pre-orders for this book. Alas, only on Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords. (Amazon does not allow pre-orders from indie authors -- shame on them.) So look for it soon.

And here's the cover copy...

Decorated war hero, Captain Richard Gaines has given up his commission in the Royal Navy. He stalks the docks at night seeking relief from the nightmares of Trafalgar. One night, he happens upon a woman who captures his attention, and his heart. In a series of random coincidences, Richard is compelled toward Mrs. Wood, just as circumstantial evidence suggests that Mr. Wood may be involved in sedition.

Returning to England after a decade away, Amanda Wood is on a mission to save herself and her daughter from the prison of her marriage. Meeting the Captain seems heaven sent when he reveals an acquaintance with her only friend and brings an invitation for a visit – and a chance to escape. Her joy is short-lived though, when her husband insists on going with her.

The situation takes a grievous turn when Amanda’s husband kidnaps their daughter. Richard must save her, but to do that he must engage the enemy at sea. And it appears Amanda’s husband may be a nefarious pirate. With limited armaments and a damaged vessel, Richard knows he has only one chance to rescue the little girl.

When the battle is over, to the victor, go the spoils. Yet, Richard must overcome his tormented past, in order to begin a future with the woman he loves. However, Amanda holds a secret that could destroy that very same future.


Anne Gallagher (c) 2014


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