Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Have a New Series

Good Morning. I was writing along, working my little fingers to the bone, Richard and I were just being washed overboard in 12 foot swells, when the strangest thing occurred. I had an idea. Okay let me just say I had this idea a while ago. Maybe this spring. But it hasn't really shown itself fully to me so I just let it stew. And just as I was bringing Richard to a crossroads, inspiration for the idea struck.

Well, they say creativity makes your brain expand, so I put Richard aside for two seconds, just to jot down a couple of notes, (because if I didn't, I would regret it later)  a quick 5 minute search for names (which didn't pan out by the way. I thought them all up in the car in the pick-up line at school) and a quick outline. That's all. I just needed twenty minutes.

Three days later I had written copious notes on each of the characters, the family tree, and how it pertains to Lady Olivia, (yes that Lady Olivia.) I outlined the whole series, with each plot for each separate book (7 in all and one novella), had also written five scenes. Funny scenes I hope. They're meant to be funny anyway.

Once I had all that, I then went to Google images and found everybody I need for character inspiration. I also worked out three sub-plots that will weave throughout each of the books to the final conclusion at the very end.

Having said all that, I'm not going to tell you anymore. However, here is my new hero.

age 35

age 50
He is the main character that will appear in each of the new books. And I'm not going to tell you anymore.

Especially his name.

If I say too much, I'll jinx myself.
If I say nothing at all, I'll explode.

I'm hoping to return to Richard's story as soon as I get all this falderal out of the way. I think I'm almost finished with notes.

So tell me --  What do you think of my new hero? Is he swoon worthy enough? (And I know Sharpe's been done to death, but I'd like to think I have a unique perspective.) Do you think it's too soon to announce a new series -- should I have waited until after I finish The Reluctant Grooms first? (  I just couldn't stand the excitement.)

Anne Gallagher (c) 2013


  1. Ah, Sean Bean. You know you will lure a few of us if you post his photo, Anne.

    I usually go for TDH types, but something about Sean and his tough manner appeals. We know he has a soft spot for his women.

    Hope your character is similar.

  2. D.G. -- He's such a hunk. I mean how could you not think he's sexy. Even with blood on his face?

    Yes, my character is similar in nature, with an almost childlike quality when it comes to women. Should be fun to write.

  3. You inspire and amaze me, continually!


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