Sunday, September 22, 2013


I love that word. It's fun, isn't it. However the definition is what I'm dealing with at the moment.

 transitive verb \ˈstī-mē\
: to stop (someone) from doing something or to stop something) from happening
sty·mied sty·mie·ing
:  to present an obstacle to :  stand in the way of <stymied by red tape>
I have been presented an obstacle, something is standing in my way. I can't work on my books because I've over-extended myself once again. You know how it goes -- You say yes to something and then it snowballs into this mega-death-star type explosion and you vow you'll never say yes to anything ever again.

You see, I volunteered for a position at my daughter's school. When I signed up, I didn't really know what it would entail. However, now I'm four weeks into the school year and I've found that I'm the proud owner of a part-time job (30 hours a week) without pay.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm doing it, and I'm sure once I get all of the previous year's business settled and into their proper accounts, my hours will be reduced by at least half. But for the present moment, I'm full out.

When you're a writer and "real life" gets crazy, something has to give. I don't want to give up what little precious time I DO have to write, so for the moment, I'm going to blog once a month. I can't give this up (because quite frankly I don't want to do a newsletter.) I think for my regular readers, this is the best scenario for me at the moment. I hope you'll stick around.


And just to keep you updated in what I've done lately...

I received the final critiques from the teachers for WHEN SUCH FRIENDS ARE MET. I'll be working on the formatting for the paperback version. Things are moving along for the book signing
October 18, and planning on the big reveal at the school for October 1.

I'm up to Chapter 3 on THE LADY'S SECRET, one of the prequels to THE SEDUCTION OF MR. SUMMERVILLE. This story is about the eldest sister, Ariana and her feelings for Stephen Summerville, her little sister's fiancé. I really like how it's coming along, and I've found a killer cliff-hanger ending. I also have the most fantastic picture for the cover and when I reveal it, you'll probably gasp. (I've gotten really superstitious about showing my covers before the books are finished so you'll have to wait. Sorry.)

I'm also up to Chapter 3 on THE CAPTAIN'S LADY. Richard and Amanda's story for The Reluctant Grooms. This is the last book that I need to finish to bring the series in complete order. I hated to release the series out of order, but as I was writing the books, I had made so many changes to the overall series arc, it seemed prudent to rewrite the earlier books to make them fit. Hence, Richard's is the last story.

LADY OLIVIA'S UNDOING has been put on the back burner for the nonce. I have the outline and several chapters finished. Hers is not a story that will take me long to write because it pretty much happens over the course of a few days. Bam Bam Bam. This is also a prequel to SEDUCTION. You will be able to read SEDUCTION without the prequels, however, the prequels will give you a better understanding of what's going on behind the scenes of the major players. This will also have a cliff-hanger ending which will be revealed in SEDUCTION.

I don't know what's gotten into me with cliff-hanger endings, but I think with these two stories, they'll work.

And so, that's where I am. I'll post again sometime in October, maybe twice if I have something interesting to say. I hate to bore you.

Have a great week! I'll see you when I do.

Anne Gallagher (c) 2013 


  1. Goodness - I feel exhausted by your schedule, Anne! Well done on another book, especially while working at the school.

  2. Thanks Rosemary. It's funny but I feel I get more accomplished when I'm busy busy busy. Maybe that's because I give up cleaning my house to write. I mean something has to be sacrificed doesn't it.

  3. Whew! Anne, I got exhausted just reading about all that you have on your plate. But I know exacty what you're talking about - when real life gets busy and my writing times gets less, its my social media activities that get the chop - much as I love the interaction and friendships, sometimes life (and writing!) have to take first place. Good luck with your new job (I'm sure you'll soon have it all sorted!) and with finishing all your works in progress. We'll see you on-line when you have the time to be on-line! :)

    Judy Croome, South Africa

  4. Ain't real life just dandy for getting in the way of love activities... Efficiency is one thing, "having a place for everything and everything in its place" makes sense, but creativity usually stems from chaos! ;)

  5. Judy -- It's slowly getting sorted, but now that fall is here, the yard is taking priority. Someday when I'm rich I'm hiring a gardener. lol!

    Francine -- Oh yes. Out of chaos comes order, out of order = chaos! It's a vicious circle. Maybe someday I'll have it under control.

  6. I love that you used "nonce" in this post. You've gone full steam on the writing & publishing for long enough that you don't need to feel bad pulling out for a bit to give your focus elsewhere. Hope all is going well w/ the non-paying job!

  7. Nicki -- One of my all time favorite words is nonce. I use it all the time in real life and people look at me like I'm weird.

    Thanks for the okay on letting go of the blog. Sometimes I feel like I have to even when I have nothing to say. And I'd rather have something to say than just blather on with nonsense.


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