Sunday, July 7, 2013

And The Winners Are....!!!

Erin Larkins, Tina Baker, and Erika Kraus

Thanks so much for participating in my Goodreads Give-away for THE LADY'S MASQUERADE. I think I had over 700 entries. It was fun watching the number grow every week.

I'm sure not everyone who entered really wanted to read the book (because some people enter contests just to enter) but still, it was nice to see the number. I feel as though I found 700 new fans.

I even received a few nice letters from people who wanted to know if I would be holding give-aways for any of my other books.

And you know, I just might. Let me finish writing the new story and then I'll see which one I put up.

Congratulations again to the winners! I'll be sending your books in a few weeks.


  1. Looking forward to that new book!

  2. I know what you mean about the Goodreads giveaways. The same thing holds true for some of the really big blog hops. I always hope a book winner will read the book, though!

  3. That's a huge number for a goodreads giveaway, isn't it? Congrats! I love the cover by the way!

  4. Liza -- Thanks. Now if only it would stop raining so I can write it.

    Dianne -- I know, I hope the winner will read it. It may be too much to hope that she will review it favorably as well.

    Martina -- Truthfully, I don't know. I don't think it's too big. I've seen giveaways in the thousands. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Just popping in to see how every thing is with you, and as always (like moi) you're writing! ;)

    I haven't enough followers on Goodreads to do a give-away... I still can't get my head around GR or the time to engage.

    Are you on facebook? Lot's of lovely historical romance groups over there.

    Nonetheless, good to see you're getting it all out there on the romance front.



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