Sunday, December 2, 2012

A New Story

Yes, I've up with an idea for a new story. Another novella type short story actually. I'm not giving away any titles, or cover reveals this time because for some reason I've found this to be detrimental to my writing process. Makes me want to ditch what I have been writing for something I have no idea how I'm going to write.

Any-hoo, my next short story will star this woman. Lady Ariana Dinsmore. The eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Dinsmore. The story will be somewhat of a prequel to THE SEDUCTION OF Mr. SUMMERVILLE. In SSS (my anachronim) a lot of loose ends will tied up from the first book in the series THE LADY'S MASQUERADE.

You may wonder how can I write the last book if the first book isn't even out yet. Well, MASQUERADE has been written for the last 5 years. Problem is, as I've been writing the series (and subsequent short stories) Lady Olivia has hidden secrets from her past and in SSS all of them will be revealed. I give hints in THE EARL'S ENGAGEMENT. However, that being said, the foreground of all these secrets is laid in THE LADY'S MASQUERADE, which I have to insert. That poor book has been in revisions for most of these years and every time Lady Olivia does something I have to remember to re-insert that into the book.

Anyway, Lady Ariana Dinsmore has arrived back in London with her family in time for the Christmas season 1812. I know the story opens with the Twelfth Night Gala Ball at Lady Bellingham's. I know her younger sister, Lady Arabella is going to meet someone else. However, Lady Arabella has an understanding with Stephen Summerville. Although not quite engaged, it is imminent. What happnes at Lady Bellingham's that night will set the stage for what will happen in SSS. And boy howdy, when it blows up, it will leave everyone shaking their heads at the little upstart Arabella.

And even though this new short story is mostly about Ariana, I love my old characters, like seeing old friends and many will be in attendance. I think it's going to be a sweet little title and I hope you'll read it.

I have no idea when it will be finished, but I started it last night. I just can't get it off my mind. Hopefully,  before Christmas.

So there you have it. Another crazy idea.


  1. Sounds perfect. Will look forward to seeing the finished product.

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  2. It's wonderful when you get that idea for a new story, but when you're working hard to finish the one you're working on, it's a kind of mixed blessing, isn't it? I feel the same way that I don't want to talk about the new one or get any images in my head, or it will pull me from the hard work of polishing the one I'm trying to finish.

    Just sent the edits of my newest off to my publisher yesterday, so finally I can let my imagination run with the new one. I think it will be fun...good luck with yours!

  3. I love new ideas! I hope you love the new characters as much as the old ones.

  4. It sounds like a great story, Anne! I have a new book in mind--this is the fun part before the hard work of getting it down on paper coherently :)

    Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, and all the best in the new year!


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