Friday, February 10, 2012

The Latest Love Story

Thomas Merrit, the Earl of Davingdale, wants nothing to do with Society. His fondest wish -- to rebuild his dilapidated barn for his newly acquired collection of horses. Until he meets the enigmatic "Miss Ophelia Cummings" who is only in town for three days. Their paths seredipitously cross twice and Thomas is drawn to her like no one before.

Fate deals a cruel blow on the third day when the chance to see the delightful Miss Cummings one last time is thwarted by mere moments. Thomas will do whatever it takes to discover if what he feels for her is real, but it may be too late.

This short story is the companion piece to A HUSBAND FOR MISS TRENT, written from Davingdale's perspective.

You can find it here.


  1. Awesome, Anne! And another beautiful cover. Your illustrator is quite talented.

  2. I think the first letters of each word should be a little larger, and your name moved over just a tad! hehehe

  3. Good suggestion, jbchicoine.

    Love your cover and your site.


    Silver's Reviews

  4. Another lovely cover, Anne - sounds good!

  5. Hi,

    Love the swan neck of the serene young lady...

    Lovely cover as usual: dread to think what it's all costing! ;)

    I have some serious reading to catch up with.


  6. Alex -- Thanks. Yes, she is multi-talented.

    Bridget -- Lol.

    Elizabeth -- Glad you like them.

    Susan -- Thank you so much.

    Rosemary -- Thanks.

    Francine -- Funny you should mention her swan neck. He actually uses those same words in the book!

  7. oh, they're all so beautiful but I really do especially love this one! You should see how they look on an iPad. So vivid. Congratulations!

  8. Thank you Bru. I love this one too. She's so graceful. And congratulations again to you! I'm so excited for you.

  9. Beautiful cover, Anne! I just love to come over here, your blog is SO lovely. Jen who loves green sees all the green and says WOW! Wow to you for all you've written and published. Your writing is so very good. I'm anxious to read all of it. Just gotta work through all the books I've downloaded to my Kindle. I WILL get them read sometime before I depart from this earthly sphere!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs


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