Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coming This January

My latest novel in the Reluctant Grooms Series, THE DUKE'S DIVORCE, will be available in e-book format from Amazon and Smashwords at the end of January. I hope you'll look for it.

           An uncomplicated trip to the Scottish Highlands to check on his estate turns into a nightmare for Robert Carlton, the Duke of Cantin. A simple act of kindness finds him married at gunpoint to Fiona, the Laird Stewart’s daughter. Both are distraught by the turn of events, until Robert comes up with a plan – they will remain married for six months, at which time, the marriage will be annulled and Fiona will receive a generous annuity.
            Fiona’s impeccable beauty, fiery disposition, and her penchant for finding scandal wherever she goes, take Society by storm. Robert’s restrictive contract for his new duchess has Fiona rebelling at every opportunity. Living with the oppressive duke has her wanting out of their marriage sooner than the proposed six months.
            Robert is finding it difficult to keep his hands off his exquisite new bride, but that was part of the agreement. Desire and jealousy prove a powerful aphrodisiac. Robert must come to terms with his emotional upheaval as well as a long-ago betrayal, and he finally realizes she may be the woman he has been waiting for all his life.
            Convincing Fiona of his love may be the hardest thing Robert has ever had to do. He thinks he’s finally won her heart until the night of their ball when a devastating secret from his past surfaces and threatens to ruin their newfound happiness. Will the promise of an uncertain future with Robert be enough to keep Fiona from filing divorce papers of her own?

A HUSBAND FOR MISS TRENT is now available


            When a surprising invitation arrives in the post, impoverished spinster Miss Ophelia Trent wants to turn it down. With no funds for a new gown or even slippers, she’s afraid of becoming the latest laughingstock in Society. With her mother’s gentle insistence, and a borrowed antique gown, Ophelia decides to take one last chance to find a suitable husband.
            The ball to which she’s been invited is everything she could have dreamed, including a marriage proposal to the "perfect" man. However, she longs to see the stableman whose easy smile and soulful eyes have etched a mark on her lonely heart.
            Should she stick with "perfect" or let her heart take a chance at finding true love?

Hope you'll look for them.


  1. I'll look for them! Need to get your entire collection.

  2. Miss Trent is now free so you can download it.


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